2018 DQ Skill Test

Since its affiliation with DQ Institute, Singapore, Kedar Kilanbu, Certified DQ Ambassador to Nepal and his energetic, passionate and innovative Ambit Research &  Development team comprising of Mr. Robindra Basukala, Ambit Director/DQ Coordinator,  Mr. Shreebatsa Prajapati, Ambit Technical Director, Mr. Sonish Suwal and Ms. Anu Shrestha and a group of young people have been conducting various activities to promote DQ in Nepal. It includes Teacher Workshop, Parent Workshop, and carried out 2018 DQ Skill Test. DQ Institute is an international think-tank organization dedicated to setting global standards for digital intelligence education, outreach, and policies.

On September, 2018 DQ Institute launched DQ Skill Test which intended to assess 8 Digital Citizenship Skills of children aged group 8 – 18 years old. The DQ Skill Test survey contained a set of questionnaires that assess the knowledge of children in 8 Digital Citizenship Skills: (i) Screen time management, (ii) Privacy management, (iii) Cyber-bullying management, (iv) Digital citizen identity, (v) Digital footprint management, (vi) Cyber security management, (vii) Critical thinking and (viii) Digital empathy. Along with these 8 Digital Citizenship Skills, the DQ Skill Test survey also assessed the risks associated with cyberbullying, cyber victimization, technology addiction, online sexual behavior/online sexual harassment and offline meeting.

DQ Team Nepal associated with Ambit Research and Development conducted 2018 DQ Skill Test Survey in Nepal. The team reached out to 1141 children aged group 8-18 years.