#DQEveryChild in Nepal

Concerning about rising levels of device addiction and cyber-crime, DQ Ambassador to Nepal, Mr. Kedar Kilanbu reached out to the DQ Institute in 2017 to initiate the spread of #DQ Every Child in Nepal. In September 2017, DQ Team Nepal, he conducted two-days DQ teacher workshops across four schools in Nepal. Over the course of these workshops, 60 teachers were introduced to the DQ World programme, its learning objectives, and encouraged to use the platform in their classrooms.

To better understand Nepali children’s digital use habits, he and his team offered schools the opportunity to take part in the 2017 DQ Study. They worked together to reach private and community schools, printing out the study for smoother implementation in areas with low connectivity. Through their hard work, they were able to reach close to 1,000 students – out of which 264 target aged group 8-12 year old students were included in this study.